Having the most modern machines means that we can spray coat components according to your requirements or according to your manufacturing drawing. Processing of machine parts without undercoatings is also possible.

We have the following systems available in our plant:

  • 1 CNC-Universal Cylindrical Grinding Machine: KELLENBERGER rotary transformer 175 x 1,000 CNC, spraying range: 1,000 mm, workpiece diameter: 350mm, workpiece weight: 280kg. Diamond grinding disk mounted
  • 1 CNC- Universal Cylindrical Grinding Machine: HOL-MONTA UB 63/2,000, spraying range: 2,000mm, workpiece diameter: 630mm, max. workpiece weight : 2,500kg. Diamond grinding disk mounted.
  • 1 Surface Grinding Machine: ELB-SMART BD 15 Comfort, max. processable component dimensions: 1,500mm x 600mm. Diamond grinding disk mounted.  
  • 1 NC-Universal milling machine: HERMLE UWF 801, X = 300, Y = 400, Z = 450mm.
  • 1 Lapping machine: PETER WOLTERS 3R 380-GR
  • 1 Vertical centre grinding machine: Klein ZSS 1

We also have various conventional turning centres with spraying ranges up to 2,500mm and swing diameters of up to 600mm.