HVOF - Technology

High velocity oxygen fuel spraying (HVOF) is an advancement of the conventional powder flame spraying and also a widely used thermal spraying process. Coatings formed by this method exhibit a low porosity and high bond strength.   

In comparison to this is the much quicker plasma spraying process (extremely hot gas rays, through electrical arcs with a supply of nitrogen or argon), in which the spray powder used is warmed considerably less in extremely fast and hot gas rays.

For our processes we use an oxygen-kerosene-flame, optimised for the materials. Other HVOF process gas mixtures consisting of oxygen and propane, propylene, acetylene, or hydrogen as energy sources can achieve particle velocities of up to 400 m/s. Our process, however, makes particle velocities of up to 700 m/s possible. In this way very high particle velocities are reached, which ultimately leads to improved coating properties. 

Using HVOF spraying technology, a range of spray powders can be processed. In particular, this process is used to create hard metal coatings out of  Wc-Co, Wc-Ni, Wc-Co-Cr, and Cr3C2-NiCr amongst others.